Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Ray of Hope

Green Diamond Resource Company (also known as "Greedy Diamond" or simply "the GD", formerly known as Simpson) is the raging pre-apocalyptic death machine with its sights set on destroying what remains of the McKay Tract. They are, in short, "the opposition".

It seems that, like the rest of our voracious economy, they've fallen upon hard times, cutting jobs just most corporations these days. My heart bleeds for the good old boys who won't be able to afford new F-350s this year.

Jeff broke this a month ago. I've often speculated that the reasons the GD hasn't attacked us or started falling trees in the McKay are more economic than anything. Housing starts are way down, as the above article shows. Now Richard Marks, a millworker by occupation, is speculating that California Redwood Company, GD's shell company in Humboldt, might be closing this year. GD execs supposedly came down from Seattle to drop that bombshell, but of course their spokeswoman denies everything.

Many in Humboldt, Marks included, will see this as bad news. Living among huge redwoods marked for destruction, I can't help but see it as anything but a positive development.

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